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    Gifted & Talented

    At Oakgrove School, the Gifted and Talented programme aims to provide an enriched experience for the students involved and forms an integral part of our commitment to cater for the individual needs of every student.


    We define Gifted and Talented as meaning students who have exceptional ability in a subject / subjects as opposed to students who may merely be “able”. Typically 5-10% of a year group might be on our Gifted and Talented register. The Gifted & Talented register applies to all subjects – academic, practical and aesthetic.


    Students are identified as being Gifted and Talented in specific areas by their subject teachers. This can happen at any stage of their development and is a recognition of the individual student’s natural gift or talent for that subject area.


    Once they have been identified, students are then challenged through innovative lesson content and extension material plus opportunities to take part in engaging enrichment opportunities through our Showcase Evenings (KS3, KS4 and KS5) and the Extended Project Qualification (KS5). The aim of these projects is to foster and encourage an enthusiasm for learning within the students, which will result in a Gifted and Talented Showcase Evening for parents to attend and an AS level qualification for the Extended Project at KS5.

    Mentoring and target setting

    Target setting will be completed and discussed as part of the Targets for Learning days, whilst the enrichment and extension of these students will be catered for in everyday classroom activities. Selected students in KS4 are also mentored by Gifted and Talented KS5 students in order to support students with both the content of their GCSE courses as well as encouraging their future aspirations to achieve top grades at ‘A’ level and potentially apply to Oxbridge for University study.