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    Welcome to Nursery

    In Nursery we are supporting children to take their first steps into school life with happiness, independence and confidence. 

    The children learn through a structured play environment, which aims to allow all children to assess the seven areas of learning.  These areas are –

    • Communication and Language
    • Physical Development
    • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
    • Literacy
    • Mathematics
    • Understanding of the World
    • Expressive Arts and Design

    Indoors we have daily access to a range of both open-ended and more structured learning opportunities.  These include –

    • Role Play
    • Art and Creative
    • Messy Play
    • Books
    • Mark Making
    • Fine motor Skills
    • Early Maths

    We have a large outdoor area which the children access whatever the weather enabling them to learn about the world around them and enhance the learning of the indoor classroom.

    Our aim in the Nursery is to prepare the children for life in school and give them an early love of learning and exploration having lots of fun along the way.

    Nursery Latest News 2018-2019

    Exploring Ice

    Nurseryhave been exploring ice. We have been using the pipettes to melt the ice slowly using cold and warm water and discussing which water makes it melt faster.

    We have also explored ice painting. Mixing water with food colouring to create our cold pictures. We loves mark making like this. 

    Bikes and Scooters

    This term, the children have started using our schools bikes and scooters. We use them around the outside garden area and talk about safety ensuring the children were wearing helmets when riding on them. They had great fun developing their gross motor skills. 

    Aliens Love Underpants

    The children have loved starting our topic of Space this week with the story of Aliens Love Underpants. We have been doing lots of different activities covering all our areas of learning including: colouring for our display board, counting number sheet, mark making our own alien pictures, playdough aliens with pipe cleaners and wiggly eyes just to name a few. 

    Playing in the Rain

    Rain does not stop us having fun in Blossom class. We put on our waterproofs and out we go to explore. The children laughed as they splashed around in the puddles. 

    Making Gingerbread Men

    This week we have all been making gingerbread men. We went into the DT room in small groups and used the recipe to discuss what ingredients we needed to include. We then measured and mixed them together and finally baked them. We had a discussion about our sense talking about what we could smell and see. The children then decorated them using icing, smarties and sliver balls. 


    Blossom class has started discussing about nature and things that grow. This week we worked together to plant some bulbs, hopefully we can watch them grow very soon.


    This week the children have been doing lots of firework activities. We have been using tooth brushes and flicking them onto the paper to create splatter fireworks. We have also been doing chalking and creating rockets with 2d shapes. The children have also been learning about how to keep safe during Bonfire Night.

    Ball Skills

    We have enjoyed practising our ball skills the the space of the main hall this week.

    Oranges and Lemons

    This week in Nursery we have been focussing on oranges and lemons. We have talked about the smell of them and had a tasting session too. The children have also enjoyed squeezing the juice form them practising our cutting skills using knifes outside.

    Stay and Play

    This week we had the pleasure of inviting our parents in for an hour session to see how we learn in Blossom Class. We enjoyed sharing with you our time and activities. We hoped you had fun too.

    Exploring the Big Climbing Frame

    The children have been on the main playground exploring the big climbing frame and onto the MUGA. We have been practising our climbing and balancing skills. On the MUGA the children enjoyed playing together using the parachute and playing some running games. The children had lots of fun.

    Big Mark Making

    This week the children have enjoyed making some big marks on the large roll of paper. We listened to some music while drawing with the crayons. The children shared the crayons with each other and made lots of patterns.

    Discovering Autumn

    This week in nursery we have been exploring all things related to Autumn and making our autumn print pictures by printing from the leaves we have found.

    Exploring and Mixing Colours

    This week in nursery we have been exploring colours and how we can change them. The children enjoyed mixing 2 primary colours together to the table to see what different colour it created. We have also been exploring colour in water, with shaving foam and ice.

    First Week In Nursery

    The children have settled in really well to Nursery.  They have enjoyed exporing their new space and making new friends. We are looking forward to them having a great year in Oakgrove Nursery

    Nursery Latest News 2017-2018

    Fun In The Snow

    The Nursery children really enjoyed their time at school in the snow.  We learnt about keeping warm and making sure that we were wearing the correct clothes to enjoy the cold weather.  We enjoyed finding out about icicles and how ice melts when it gets warm.  We love the snow!​

    The Nursery children have been enjoying their learning in the Autumn sunshine. Some of the skills they have been developing are....

    Gross Motor

    Making music and changing sounds

    Recognsing numbers

    Taking risks

    Pencil control

    Listening to each other

    Moving in time to the music




    Important Dates

    Spring Term

    • Week Beginning 18th February Half Term  School Closed
    • Tuesday 26th March                        Parents Evening 4-6pm
    • Thursday 28th March                    Parents Evening 5-8pm
    • Friday 29th March                              Parents Evening 9.30am - 11.30am
    • Monday 8th April - Monday 22nd April  Easter Holidays
    • Tuesday 23rd April                            School Opens for Summer Term

    Summer Term


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