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    Oaks Wrap Around Care

    At Oakgrove Primary we offer wrap around care in our Oaks Fun Club with Early Oaks running before school and Late Oaks running after school.  The emphasis is on creating a vibrant and fun club, which the children look forward to and enjoy every day.

    Oaks wrap-around care provision is not available to children in Oakgrove Nursery.

    Early Oaks

    At Early Oaks Breakfast Club children can be dropped off anytime from 7.45am until 8.30am.  The, children are offered a nutritional breakfast followed by the chance to participate in fun, educational activities or catch up on any homework they have. The fee for each session is £5.

    Late Oaks

    At Late Oaks, the children are taken directly from their classes to the club at the end of the school day.  They are given an initial snack and drink before they are then free to take part in any of the numerous activities that are set up for them to engage in each day.  The children all sit together for a light hot tea at 4pm.  Parents have a choice of two payment sessions to book; for a parent collection up to 4.30pm the cost is £8, and for a parent collection up 6pm the session cost is £10.

    Bookings and payments for both clubs can be made directly from a pupils’ ParentPay account.  Childcare vouchers will be accepted – please contact the School Office with details of your Childcare Voucher provider and they will be able to give you the information you require to set this form of payment up.

    Whilst we will seek to offer as much flexibility as possible, due to the need to plan for staffing ratio, we cannot guarantee places for people unless they are booked in advance.  If you book a session but your child does not attend, you may be charged for the session.

    Oaks Fun Club Bookings 

    • All Oaks Fun Club bookings must be paid for in advance of your child attending the club
    • Bookings should be made through your childs Parentpay Account unless you are paying with Childcare Vouchers
    • Please contact the School Office if you are paying with Childcare Vouchers

    Late Collection From Oaks

    Oaks Fun Club runs until 6pm in the evening.  Parents must collect their child on time, based on the session they have booked: by 4.30pm for an early finish session or 6pm for a late finish session.  Failure to do so will result in a Penalty Payment as detailed below:

    If your child is booked in for an early finish of 4.30pm and you are late by more than 15 minutes you will be charged an additional £2 to take their session up to a Late Oaks finish of 6pm.

    If you do not collect your child by 6pm you will incur a charge of £5 for the first 15 minutes and then £1 per minute thereafter.

    The school office closes at 3.45pm.  If you are going to be late you must inform us by calling the Oaks number on 07917700453.