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    SEND Provision at Oakgrove School

    At Oakgrove School we pride ourselves in promoting a learning environment which encourages resilience and enables all of our students to become independent learners. The support provided to a student with SEND at Oakgrove School is always based on a full understanding of their particular strengths and needs; we seek to address this by using early identification of needs to provide targeted support and intervention which reduces barriers to learning and enables progress. We understand that no two students' needs are the same and they often change over time, as a result we feel passionately about being innovative in our approach. As a school we try to build a positive partnership where professionals and parents/carers work together and parents are fully involved in the support for their child. Regular meetings are held with parents, teachers, the SENDCo or Deputy SENDCo and the student to review progress and the programme of learning. Our aim is to provide an inclusive education for all learners; including those with special needs or disabilities. Students with SEND have their needs met through ‘Quality First Teaching’ with the option of additional complimentary support where necessary such as:

    • 1:1 or small group intervention sessions with a member of the Learning Advice team 
    • Inclusive learning environments to encourage the development of key skills and independent learning
    • Peer Reading and literacy support schemes 
    • Mentoring schemes for social and emotional support 

    The Local Offer & SEND Report

    The local offer is listed on the Milton Keynes council website and provides key information for parents/carers of children and young people with special educational needs (SEND) in Milton Keynes. It exists to inform parents/carers about the support and provision that is available across local settings. Our SEN Information Report details the support and provision provided at Oakgrove School which contributes to the Milton Keynes Local Offer. You can access our Local Offer and SEND report below:

    SEND policy December 2019

    Local offer

    SEND report

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    The school is designed to be fully accessible and provide easy access for all students, parents/carers and staff with disabilities. Please see the school’s ‘Accessibility Plan’ for further details. 

    Disability and Accessibility Development Plan