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    Targets for Learning (TfL)

    Targets for learning has been an integral part of life at Oakgrove since the school began in 2005.  In its current form, both Key stage 4 and Post Sixteen students have the opportunity to attend a targets for learning meeting twice a year.  

    At the meeting the student and parents/guardians discuss with a member of staff the current progress of the student. The students supported by their parents/guardians decide which areas of their academic life that they need to focus on in particular over the short term to boost their chances of success. Targets can be specific or more generic dependant on what targets the student chooses. These targets are then recorded and their class teachers will be able to see the chosen subjects to focus on and support the students further.

    Targets for learning has always been a powerful way of discussing and setting targets for the student, by the student. At the second meeting of the year the progress towards those targets is reviewed and whilst some targets may continue, new targets are set for reflection at the next meeting in the following school year in a cyclical fashion.