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    Year 3 Visit From An Expert Mountain Climber 

    In Year 3, our topic this half term is mountains and we were lucky enough to have a visit from Julie, who climbed to the base camp of Mount Everest. 

    We were able to ask her a range of different questions about her mountain hiking experiences and find out more information about Everest. Julie brought in the equipment she used and showed us photographs to give a first-hand insight into what base camp was like. It was an exciting and interesting visit for the children and teachers. 

    Julie kindly left us with a souvenir from her trip, some prayer flags, which hung around the Himalayas. We want to thank Julie for taking the time to share her experiences.


    Recently Year 3 have been engaging in lots of exploratory learning with magnets. We have been exploring what magnets do, which materials are magnetic and how some metals are magnetic while others are not. We created lists of magnetic/non-magnetic objects and used the results to draw conclusions.


    Year 3 are currently at the planning stage in the production of our ancient Egyptian burial masks. Having analysed some real examples of burial masks, copying details and different patterns, we have now begun sketching our own designs to eventually create using modroc. Exciting times ahead!

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    Spring Term

    • Week Beginning 18th February Half Term           School Closed
    • Tuesday 26th February                               Year 3 Living Forest Visit
    • Friday 8th March                                       Year 3 Interim Reports home
    • Tuesday 26th March                                    Parents Evening 4-6pm
    • Thursday 28th March                                  Parents Evening 5-8pm
    • Monday 8th April  - Monday 22nd April               Easter Holidays
    • Tuesday 23rd April                                     School Opens for Summer Term
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