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    Latest News 2018-2019

    Science in Action - Learning about Fair Tests

    Year 6 were in the science lab yesterday conducting experiments with jelly, to see the different rates of dissolving. From this, they have learned how to conduct a fair test and will use this knowledge to help them plan their next experiment.

    Young Mathematician's Award Competition

    We were pleased to enter a team into this year’s Young Mathematician’s Award competition, run by Nrich and Explore Learning. The challenge took place at Kingston Library, where the children were given a tricky problem and an hour in which to solve it. They had to arrange dice in different formations to get particular values showing. The team worked brilliantly together and showed great perseverance with the problem. At the end of the session, they presented their thinking and workings confidently to the judges. We are delighted with our success and look forward to round two of the challenge.

    Sixth Formers Helping With Problem Solving

    On Wednesday, we invited four mathematicians from secondary to come and help us with some problem solving work. Some pupils in Year 6 will take the Primary Maths Challenge test in November and to prepare for this, we looked at some past papers. The questions were really tricky and made everyone in the room think hard! It was brilliant to have some enthusiastic maths role models to work with and the children who took part in the workshop were inspired to continue working on the problems in their own time. Thanks to Mrs Clark at secondary for helping to make this happen.

    Year 6 Festival of Britain Museum

    This week, we have celebrated the learning of pupils in Year 6 by opening our Festival of Britain museum to parents and younger children. Year 6 designed and made British flowers out of wire, researched UK topics of interest and prepared a performance of their own version of a traditionally English tune. In the morning, we welcomed Year 1 Alder class to our museum. The younger children enjoyed the activities Year 6 had made and had a tour of our learning presentations. Year 1 have also learnt about the UK this term and were keen to show off their knowledge of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. In the afternoon, our parents joined us to share the learning we have done. Year 6 have done a brilliant job of working in teams to produce work that we are proud to share with others. Most of the work you see in the picutres is a results of their independent learning and shows considerable effort and enthusiasm for this half term’s topic. Well done Year 6.

    Important Dates

    Spring Term

    • Week Beginning 18th February Half Term           School Closed
    • Monday 25th March                                   Year 6 Height and Weight Screening
    • Tuesday 26th March                                    Parents Evening 4-6pm
    • Thursday 28th March                                  Parents Evening 5-8pm
    • Monday 8th April  - Monday 22nd April               Easter Holidays
    • Tuesday 23rd April                                     School Opens for Summer Term
    • Wednesday 24th April at 3.30pm                       KS2 SATs Parents' Meeting