Welcome to Oakgrove School

Parental Survey

Next week (w/c Mon 20th April) is the week of our annual Kirkland Rowell survey of parents. This is a survey carried out for us by an independent company which we do every spring to gauge parents’ views.  It provides us with really useful information about parents’ views, concerns and priorities.

Each student will receive an envelope containing a letter to their parents, a survey for their parents to fill in and a blank envelope for the survey to be returned in.


2016 Admission Arrangements for Oakgrove School

The 2016 admission arrangements for Oakgrove Secondary and Primary School were approved by the Governing Body on 23rd March 2015.  For further details please click here.

KS3 Assessment

For further information regarding the changes to KS3 Assessment please click on the links below:

KS3 Assessment Overview

KS3 Courses Content and Tiers Booklet

Medical Information

We are coming into the season of winter illness. If your child is ill and you believe this to be the winter vomiting bug it is advisable to allow a period of 48 hours free of symptoms before returning to school. However, if you feel the illness is a non-contagious condition and they are well enough to return sooner, do not hesitate to send them into school.

To minimise the risk of spreading any ‘bugs’ around the school please continue to encourage your children to follow good hand hygiene procedures i.e. hand washing etc.

Finally, continue to advise the school via the absence line, on a daily basis, of your child’s condition until their return.

Exam Results

Congratulations to all our students. Oakgrove School has achieved continued success with their outstanding A-Level Results and is also celebrating its highest ever GCSE Results.

Headteacher, Peter Barnes

Welcome from the Headteacher

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the website for Oakgrove School. I hope this website gives you an insight into this exciting and vibrant school with an emphasis on traditional values and academic excellence. This September marks the Oakgrove's tenth year in operation and the school has gone from strength to strength with its best ever set of GCSE results this summer. This is down to the hard work of students and staff, as well as the support of parents and carers.

As the new Headteacher, I look forward to taking the school forward to the next chapter in its evolution, keeping everyone updated about the expansion project, examination results, curriculum updates and school events.

I am fortunate enough to be leading an outstanding school, with some of the most gifted and hardworking staff any Headteacher could ask for. Parents and carers can look forward to their son or daughter being taught by some of the most well qualified teachers in any school, and supported by associate staff that make every effort for students to enjoy their time at Oakgrove, whether it is in the classroom, on the sports field, during after-school clubs or on the many trips organised.

However, this does not mean that we are complacent as a school. With a rapidly changing educational landscape it is essential that we maximise every opportunity for students to succeed and celebrate success. In terms of moving the school forward, my Senior Leadership Team and I will initially be focusing on two key areas:

  1. The best quality teaching possible based on creativity, passion, enjoyment of learning and excellent outcomes.
  2. The highest standards in terms of pupil behaviour, uniform, respect and commitment to Oakgrove School.

Further updates and announcements will be made regularly, including blogs, video clips and website improvements.

Yours faithfully,

Ian Tett